Winchester 32-Piece Universal Cleaning Kit

Rs.11,600.00 Regular price Rs.16,000.00

The Winchester 32 piece universal cleaning kit comes with a custom fitted Winchester soft sided case, machined aluminum handle, removable bandoliers and accessory pouches. The kit includes 3 solid brass rods, 9 phosphor bronze brushes (.22/.270/.280/.30/.357/.38 and 9mm/.40/.45 cal. and 12 /20/.410 gauge), 5 mops (.22 /.357/.38/9mm and 12/20/.410 gauge), 3 slot tips, 5 spear pointed jags (.22/.30/.357/.40/.45 cal.), 2 accessory adaptors, one double ended cleaning pick, one double ended utility/ breech brush, one polishing cloth, 25 patches.