Vanguard Endeavor Shooting Rest with Clamp


The ENDEAVOR L 303AGM tripod sounds like a robust and versatile tool for stabilizing your shots. Its features offer a combination of stability, ease of use, and adaptability to various shooting situations. Let's break down some of its key components:

  1. Stability and Load Capacity: The tripod boasts 30mm aluminium legs that extend up to 173cm, providing a stable platform for your equipment. With a 15kg load capacity, it can support heavy gear without compromising stability.

  2. Leg Locks: The silent, rapid set leg locks not only facilitate quick setup but also ensure a secure grip. Their easy-to-clean design is a practical touch, especially for outdoor use in challenging environments.

  3. Adjustability: Three easy-set leg angles and rubber/spiked feet offer versatility for different terrains, allowing you to stabilize your shots on uneven surfaces with confidence.

  4. Levelling Base: The 65mm aluminium levelling bowl with ±15° vertical movement and 360° pan capability enables precise adjustments to achieve the perfect shooting angle.

  5. Rifle Clamp: The ENDEAVOR GM-70 rifle clamp is a standout feature, designed to securely hold most rifles. Its adjustable opening from 30mm to 70mm ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearm sizes.

  6. Additional Attachments: The 3/8" thread hole provides compatibility for attaching a tripod support arm, offering further customization options based on your shooting needs.

  7. Portability: The inclusion of a padded shoulder carry strap enhances portability, allowing you to transport the tripod comfortably to various shooting locations.

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