ShotKam Camera


SHOTKAM CAMERA(3rd Generation)
With the new quick release mount, you can attach the ShotKam Camera to your barrel within seconds. This camera records video with every recoil and shows exactly where you aimed. It plays videos wirelessly right to your phone, so you can instantly see why a target was missed.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Easy to connect. ShotKam's built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect directly to your mobile device.
With 4x faster Wi-Fi, you can instantly download and review each shot right from your mobile device.
Compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices. Settings can be customized through the ShotKam app.

Slow Motion Replay
The playback speed is designed to replicate exactly how your eye perceives a moving target.
Records every shot in Full HD 1080p x 100 frames per second, then automatically saves in 1/3 speed.
The powerful A12 processor constantly buffers video, then stitches it with live video during the recoil.

Personal Setup
Each video has a reticle (red dot or crosshair) that represents your gun's point-of-aim.
Easily adjust the reticle using the ShotKam mobile app.
To align, aim the bead of your gun at a target 30 yards away. Using an Android or iOS mobile device, connect to the Wi-Fi and adjust the reticle to where your gun is aimed.

Intelligent Activation
ShotKam detects each movement of the barrel to know when to record.
Advanced technology measures the X, Y, and Z-axis forces, plus the roll, yaw, and pitch of your shotgun barrel.
Simply close the shotgun action (over and under, semi-automatic, or pump) to begin a recording.

Patented Shock Absorption
A recoil generates extreme vibration forces that must be absorbed to create seamless videos.
Built with military-grade materials, this camera is engineered for its harsh environment.
The bracket has a double-layered rubber pad to clasp onto the barrel, yet never leave a mark.

What's in the box:

ShotKam (3rd Generation)

12 Gauge quick release mounting bracket

Built-in 64 GB Micro SD memory card - Holds 2,000 clay videos

USB cable and wall adapter

Hard camera case

Hex-end screwdriver to tighten screws

Spare silicon rear cap

Spare front lens cover

Spare rubber mounting pads

Spare “O ring”

Spare mounting screws