MTM Sportsman ATV Dry Box


MTM ATV Dry Box is a system designed to carry our water resistant dry box, on tubular or composite ATV racks. It takes just minutes to install and requires no tools.

This product is for more than ATV's. Utility all terrain vehicles are mounting them in there beds. Farmers have found spots on there tractors and combines to mount them. Hunters, fishermen, construction companies, US Border Patrol, some miltary branches are just a few of the customers that have found uses for them.

Once you have installed the mounting tray, you only need to release your bungee cord and you are free to take your dry box with you. All necessary mounting hardware is included. Sold only as a kit, which Includes: SDB-1T-09 Dry Box; heavy duty mounting tray; mounting hardware; and bungee cord.

The tray will hold down alot of other MTM cases. Some of the cases listed below will move around in the tray while driving your ATV, but will most likly not come out. The only reason I put that way is, we all know the guy who tries to jump the 6 foot ditch in fourth gear. We allways recommend that you put the bungee through the handle when straping it down.

Dimensions: 15.5" x 8.5" x 9.5"
Color : Wild Camo