Inova Flashlight X5


First to introduce the world to the power of LED technology in hand-held battery operated lights, the INOVA X5® is an icon among flashlights. Made from aerospace grade aluminum with fanatical care, the breakthrough INOVA X5 features a design so elegant, it sits on display at one of the world’s great modern art museums. Five LED lamps recessed into the X5's patented stainless-steel head are each surrounded by individual reflectors, creating an unsurpassed brilliant flood beam pattern. Powered by two 123 lithium batteries, with an amazing 10-year shelf life, the X5's reliable performance makes it perfect for long-term duty around the home or in emergencies.
Length: 4.75"
Body Diameter: 0.865"
Max Output: 31 Lumen
Effective Range: 40m
Run Time: 85 hours (low)
Battery Type: (2) 123A Lithium
Weight: 3.49 oz.
Color: Black and Sliver
Produst Code: X5