Bulin T4 Powerful Multi-fuel Camping Stove


Ignition method: manual
Material: copper, aluminum alloy and stainless steel
Stove unfold size: 208*208*height 95mm
Stove fold size: 90*90 height 95mm
Box Size: 282x212x100mm
Weight: 380g
Package: Cloth bag, color box
1. Only takes 3.5 minutes to boil 1L of water.
2. The gas pump has a built-in wear-resistant fit, which allows for a
longer service life of the cup.
3. Air nozzle with copper ball filter fit oil absorbent and a more
complete fit effectively prevent air nozzle clogging.
4. Specially made safe and durable Aluminum oil bottle.
5. Unique oil absorption design ensures full use of oil.
6. Multi-function tool set for easy use.