BRS Portable Non-Preheat Gasoline Outdoor Stove


1.The oil pipeline does not burn on the fire, and it is cleaner to use, eliminating the trouble of cleaning up carbon deposits.
2.The fold-able anti-skid bracket supports a larger and more stable support area.
3.Patented explosion-proof design of the fuel filler port, high automatic full pressure relief, to ensure safe use.
4.Firepower switch.
5.Unique pressurization structure design, pressurization is easier, no need to add pressure in the middle of one pressurization.
6.Foldable anti-skid stand.
Weight: 567 grams
Fuel: Gasoline(above 93), can only use gasoline
Power: 2117W
Consumption: 185 G/H
Preheating: Not required
Energy efficiency: 1L water boils in 3 minutes and 20 seconds (standard air pressure)