BRS Portable Butane Stove


Fold-able Storage Design: Bucket design allows for the stove to fold into a compact space for storage and portability while being able to support pots and stoves when fully extended outwards.
Easy Setup: BRS Stove has automatic locking device,open the cover and rotate the body to a 90-degree angle, put the butane tank,open the trivet Support. the operation is simple, convenient and fast.
Safe Use: BRS Butane stove has an electronic ignition switch and adjustable knob for firepower adjustment,Anti-leakage design ensure safe use,the switch is not closed, the butane gas tank can not be installed.The magnetic over-pressure protection valve is adopted. When the pressure of the butane fuel canister is too high, the canister will automatically fall off and cut off the gas supply.
Extended Trivet Support: Non-slip trivet supports can support pots and stoves with a diameter of 10-26 cm. The alloy hob adopts windproof design,Strong firepower, power up to 2780 w.
Stylish Butane Stove: BRS Stove come with a carrying bag, is the ideal portable cooker for outdoor and home garden kitchen without taking up too much space.
Open: L 10. 8" W 3.1” H 4..1"
Folded:L 9.8“ W 3.5” H 4.1“
Weight: 12.71 lb
Max Output: 2670 W
Fuel Required: Butane Fuel (Cassette Type - CP250)
Air Consumption: 190 g/h