Breakthrough Copper Remover 2oz

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The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Copper Remover safely and effectively removes copper fouling and is 100% petroleum and ammonia-free. It’s virtually odorless and biodegradable formula easily removes copper fouling and minimizes future copper build-up without giving off any harmful or strong offensive odors found in other copper removers. Usable on all types of bore steel and won’t etch or harm the barrel.

Product Features

  • GUN CLEANER: Safely & effectively remove copper & carbon accumulation while minimizing future build-up. Formula is usable on all types of bore steel, won't etch or harm the barrel, & you can clean without experiencing harmful & offensive odors.
  • GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES: copper remover gun cleaner will help keep your guns in peak condition & top-notch performance. It's petroleum-free & can be packed away with your firearm accessories, making it a handy addition to your gun cleaning kit.
  • GUN CLEANING SOLUTION: Clean your guns efficiently while reducing the frequency between cleanings. Spray quickly breaks down debris, & is an easy & effective method for maintaining your firearms.
  • SPRAY BORE CLEANER: A little goes a long way, & the spray can be used in conjunction with our military-grade solution as you clean down to the bare steel. Use one spritz, let it sit for a couple of minutes, & wipe the copper away.