Allen Shot-Rock Shooting Rest


The Shotrock Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest has a 1.5-inch steel frame center support. Made with a steel weight-bearing plate so you can add small sandbags or steel plates for extra weight. The adjustable front rest has an easy to use elevation adjustment disk and a locking screw to keep everything rock steady. The front feet are adjustable to make the shooting rest level. The rear stock cradle holds the firearm firmly in place.

Product Features

  • RIGID 1.5 INCH STEEL FRAME: Can handle most firearms used for big game hunting or bench rest shooting.
  • WEIGHT TRAY: If your rest needs more weight to stay stable simply add weight to the center tray.
  • ADJUSTABLE FRONT REST: Holds your firearm’s stock securely while allowing for elevation adjustment up or down using the rotating disk.
  • REAR STOCK CRADLE: Holds the rear part of your stock securely keeping your firearm steady in the rest.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEET: Gives you the ability to make your Shotrock rest level on most any tabletop surface.